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News on Chelsea Man City Tactical Analysis:

    How Did Guardiola Dominate Sarri's Chelsea 6-0? Tactical Analysis

    In this video, I tried to analyze the match between Man City and Chelsea and I've explained the key points that led Guardiola to get a huge victory 6-0. Drop a like if you enjoyed and subscribe. Tactical analysis of Chelsea under Maurizio Sarri. In this tactical analysis we look at how Chelsea build an attack under Sarri. Using tactical analysis and statistics we look at how Sarri likes his Chelsea team to build an attack. After the El Classico on Saturday night, it was time for the fans to settle in and watch the El Cashico on Sunday. The Blues of Chelsea welcomed the Sky Blues of Manchester City for a league game.

    EFL Cup 2018/19 Tactical Analysis: Chelsea vs Manchester City

    Match Analysis; How Man City struggled to break down a stubborn Chelsea side. This tactical analysis will examine the concepts used by Manchester City as they looked to break down a stubborn defensive block from Chelsea, and their attempts to first use central spaces before switching to attack wide areas. Manchester United 4-0 Chelsea, Premier League: Tactical Analysis. New, 41 comments. Breaking down Chelsea’s heavy defeat to start the new season. Manchester City were on a mission to be the first men’s football side to clinch the first-ever domestic treble in England after Arsenal Women achieved that feat back in 2007. Last February, The Citizens won the EFL Cup title after beating Chelsea 4–3 on penalties; while about a week and a half ago City successfully […]

    Tactical analysis: Liverpool 4 Manchester City 3 - The.

    Analysis: Manchester City. Pep Guardiola employed a 4-3-3 formation, switching to 4-1-4-1 in defence, with Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling dropping back into a midfield four and Fernandinho patrolling in between the lines. We present the tactical analysis for FAWSL fixture held at City Football Academy Stadium. Manchester City W.F.C. welcomed Everton W.F.C. in the first fixture of the weekend. We will focus on the tactics used by Nick Cushing to make it three wins in a row. Everton Women have now suffered three consecutive defeats in the FAWSL 2019/20.

    Premier League 2019/2020: Chelsea vs Leicester City.

    Tactical analysis of Premier League's 2019/2020 second fixture between Chelsea and Leicester.. Chelsea vs Leicester City – tactical analysis. By. Ricardo Casaleiro - August 21, 2019. 1320. 1. Facebook. Twitter. Google+.. Maddison’s performance in the second half earned him the man of the match award. HELLO and welcome to my channel! This channel is dedicated to Football Tactics where I upload regular football analysis videos and much more fun stuff! Don't...

    Tactical Analysis HUB - YouTube

    Welcome to Tactical Analysis HUB. This channel strives to analyze top clubs while skipping the emotion or outrage to deliver analysis, context, and sharp ins... Tactical analysis of Chelsea vs Burnley. In this tactical analysis, we explain how Chelsea exploited Burnley's weak defensive organisation. Our analysis will look at the attacking readiness of Chelsea against Burnley especially during transitions. Chelsea vs Manchester City was an enthralling game but Sarri's tactical masterpiece saw the Blues pick up the. Manchester City 2-1 Chelsea: 5 Talking Points & Tactical Analysis. FT MAN EVE 1.

    Premier League 2019/20: Chelsea vs Manchester United.

    Read our tactical analysis and tactics of Chelsea vs Manchester United. We give you a tactical analysis of Chelsea's and Manchester. pressing player when compared to his replacement, Mason Mount, even in an advanced position. With the former Leicester City man, Chelsea could protect. Chelsea could not man-mark United’s pivots. Man City beat Chelsea 2-1 at the Etihad on Saturday. In this tactical analysis we will examine the key points in the match that led to a 2-1 victory for Manchester City. Team News. 13. This article is a tactical analysis of Liverpool vs Manchester City.. with Man City producing 24 crosses while Liverpool’s number lowered to 14,. Chelsea vs Tottenham

    A Game of Chess between Sarri and Guardiola | Chelsea vs Man City 2-0 | Tactical Analysis

    This video gives you a very detail tactical explanation of yesterday's game between Chelsea and Man City. This game was almost like a game of chess, with one... In the fourth round of the FA Cup this weekend, Chelsea visited the KCOM Stadium to face Hull City. This tactical analysis will break down the match which ended in a 2-1 victory for Frank Lampard’s men.. Chelsea, who is currently four th in the Premier League, was looking to silence the Tiger’s hope of an upset. On the other hand, Hull City is a mid-table team in the Championship looking. Tactical analysis and tactics of Chelsea vs Lille.. Chelsea have had a torrid couple of weeks, losing to Manchester City, West Ham at home,. Jorginho drops deep and forms a three-man backline to help in Chelsea build-up but against Lille he opted to stay in his original position.

    Chelsea their own worst enemies | Man City vs Chelsea 2-1 | Tactical Analysis

    In today's video, I've tried to analyze yesterday's game between Man City and Chelsea which Man City won by 2-1 #Chelsea #ManCity #Analysis To get the video editing software, Visit: https://www. In the second half, Chelsea’s wider central midfielders helped Man City transition into attack, but posed more of a threat to their back line. With City continuing to push David Silva or De Bruyne on to Jorginho, Chelsea had more space through which to combine around City’s higher block, and then penetrate through midfield. Tactical analysis and tactics of Manchester City vs Everton. Read our tactical analysis and tactics of Manchester City vs Everton. Sign in.. Pep resorted to a three-man backline in the second half against Sheffield United which helped Manchester City break. Chelsea vs Tottenham – Tactical Analysis. Match Analysis. La Liga 2019/2020.

    Tactical Analysis: Manchester City 4-1 Tottenham Hotspur.

    Siyang Xu provides a tactical analysis of the Premier League game that finished Manchester City 4-1 Tottenham Pep Guardiola guided his Manchester City side to their sixteenth consecutive victory in the Premier League with a dominant victory over Tottenham Hotspur. Mauricio Pochettino’s men were seen by many as the league’s best hope of ending City’s […] Norwich used 3-4-1-2 to match Chelsea’s structure. The front three were always there to forepress Chelsea’s backline. They often pressed Chelsea in the central regions to push their game back. But the away team mostly got possession from Chelsea due to the loose attacking or finishing attempts from the later.

    Premier League 2018/19: Fulham vs Chelsea: Tactical Analysis

    Tactical analysis and statistics on how Scott Parker's Fulham nearly thwarted west London rivals Chelsea in the Premier League. Tactical analysis and statistics on how Scott Parker's Fulham nearly thwarted west London rivals Chelsea in the Premier League.. Leicester City,. Analysis: Chelsea. Chelsea set up in a 4-3-3 formation, led by Pedro, Willian and Michy Batshuayi, when they had possession, as Frank Lampard sought revenge for their defeat at Old Trafford on the opening day of the season.Manchester United used a 5-2-3 when out of possession; Eric Bailly returned to central defence, behind a midfield pairing of Fred and Nemanja Matic.

    Manchester City 6 - 0 Chelsea : Tactical Analysis - Bitter.

    Manchester City 6 - 0 Chelsea : Tactical Analysis . New, 1 comment. City were incredible throughout, but only needed 25 minutes to deal Chelsea the knockout blow.. Man Utd v Man City – League Cup Semi-Final Match Preview And Prediction Blues Take On Reds For Upper Hand In Cup Tie; On the 30th of September 2017, Chelsea hosted Manchester City home at Stamford Bridge. Manchester City won that game due to a goal by former Chelsea-player Kevin de Bruyne. Now, on the fourth of March 2018, they face again. Who will come out on top this time? This is a tactical analysis of the first…

    Leicester City 1-2 Chelsea: Tactical Analysis - The.

    Leicester City 1-2 Chelsea: Tactical Analysis. September 11, 2017;. Because their 4 man defence & midfield couldn’t cover Chelsea over all 5 lanes. This allowed Chelsea to create gaps in Leicester’s defence, especially in the build up to the opening goal (pictured). Manchester City beat Manchester United 3-1 recently in the Premier League. In our tactical analysis we will look at how Manchester City were able to beat Manchester United 3-1 in the Premier League. The tactical analysis will look at where Manchester City were better than Manchester United in the Premier League

    Tactical analysis: Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0 - The.

    Out of possession, Chelsea utilised two strategies. When the ball was with City goalkeeper Ederson or deep with the centre-backs, they would operate in a man-oriented high press. Crucially, the centre-backs would be pressed by Kovacic or Kante, depending on what side the ball was, while Hazard screened the ball into Fernandinho. City’s pressing mechanism was to move the wingers into the halfspaces like wide central midfielders, and to have Bernardo (left attacking midfielder) join Aguero in the front line pressing the 2 central defenders while Foden (right attacking midfielder) moved onto Jorginho to man-mark Chelsea’s 2-1 triangle in build-up.

    Chelsea Under Maurizio Sarri: Tactical Analysis And Statistics

    Tactical analysis and statistics of Chelsea's Maurizio Sarri. In our analysis we will take a deep analysis looking at what Sarri changed from Antonio Conte’s day in terms of tactical analysis and not just, using statistics. Our tactical analysis and statistics will tell you what Sarri introduced into Chelsea's tactics. Manchester City 2-1 Chelsea, Premier League: Tactical Analysis. New. City allowed Chelsea the opportunities and the space to break through them again like in the first half — Kovačić going.

    CUNNING! Hazard's new role against City - Feel Chelsea

    Tactical analysis of Eden Hazard's striking role for Chelsea against Man City. How did Chelsea's Eden Hazard fare as a striker in the weekend's win over Man City? Find out in our tactical analysis, which contains tactical analysis on Eden Hazard of Chelsea vs Man City. In this tactical analysis, we will look at the tactics Hayes used to come away with the 2-1 win over Nick Cushing’s Manchester City Women’s side. This game went back and forth for the majority of the match before Chelsea Women’s pressure paid off, scoring two goals to seal the win after going down.

    Premier League 2019/20: Manchester City vs Chelsea.

    In this tactical analysis, we look at how Chelsea’s tactics nearly scuppered Man City using their dynamic midfield. We also provide an analysis of how Man City tactically overcame their opponents to snatch the three points. Lineups. Team Lineups [via Wyscout]. Tactical analysis of Manchester City defensive performance using statistics. We compare Manchester City statistics of this year and last season defensively doing tactical analysis. We will review statistics of Manchester City weaknesses in their defensive style and the impact in the tactical analysis.

    Premier League 2019/20: Manchester City vs Chelsea.

    Tactical analysis of the Premier League fixture between Manchester City and Chelsea. This analysis will examine how Man City's tactics overcame Chelsea's tactics in the latest round of Premier League matches. Tottenham and Man City will come to blows in the first leg of their highly-anticipated Champions. Tottenham vs Manchester City tactical analysis:. Chelsea's Danny Drinkwater trains for first. Chelsea 0-1 Manchester City, Premier League: Tactical Analysis New, 15 comments Chelsea unable to deal with City’s pressing, possession, transitions, recovery, high line, and more...

    Premier League 2018/19 Tactical Analysis: Manchester City.

    Premier League tactical analysis & statistics of Manchester City vs Chelsea. In this tactical analysis, we explain using statistics why Chelsea are still faking Sarriball after their Premier League loss to Manchester City. This Premier League tactical analysis uses statistics to dissect Manchester City vs Chelsea. Chelsea 1-1 Leicester City: 5 Talking Points & Tactical Analysis. we look at the major talking points from the 1-1 draw between Chelsea and Leicester City.. 18 Feb CHE MAN 01:30 AM Chelsea.

    Man City 1-0 Chelsea: Tactical Analysis - Bitter and Blue

    City’s press was ruthlessly effective and forced Chelsea to boot the ball up the pitch time and time again, but the visitors often lost the ball before even getting the chance to go long. Chelsea’s structure hindered their ability to counter attack because their wing-backs were always caught too deep in their own half. Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City got back to winning ways in the Premier League with a fairly comfortable 2-1 victory over Newcastle United at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday. In this tactical analysis, I will look at how City overcame Newcastle, employing the unorthodox use of a diamond.

    Tactical Analysis: Premier League 2018/19: Chelsea vs.

    Tactical analysis as Chelsea beat Manchester City 2-0 in the Premier League at Stamford Bridge. In our tactical analysis, we will look at how Chelsea were able to beat Manchester City in the Premier League. Our tactical analysis will highlight where the Premier League game: Chelsea vs Manchester City, was won and lost. When Manchester City met Chelsea at Stamford bridge in the last round of premier... Read more. Chelsea Chelsea 0:1 Manchester City-Tactical Analysis. Andrew Clayton-October 8,. Man United predicted lineup against Man City: Attacking 3-4-2-1 to counter City’s weaknesses. Ritesh Gogineni-December 7,. There are a few games in a season that see teams that are very evenly matched in every aspect, and in the Premier League this year, the two best teams are probably Manchester City and Chelsea.